Technical (The Nerd Squad)

The nerd squad was created to offer professional computer services at affordable prices to East Tennessee, southern Virginia, and western North Carolina. We prioritize students, senior citizens, and non-profit organizations. We are limited to the amount of clients we are able to serve, so there are times where we are unable to accept new clients. (Feel free to contact us to see if we are accepting new clients.)

So would you really choose a geek over a nerd? Nerds have been around for over 50 years, and cost a lot less then a geek! Click here to learn more about the history of nerds…

Since we do things differently here, we have developed and follow a strict “Code of Nerdyness”. A few points of the code: We pledge to always research and give you options which save money, but also take care of what you need effectively. We will always do 100% of the work requested or will refund the money. We will never charge to evaluate the problem. We will always get items that you need from the cheapest place, even if we are not affiliated with them.

With most services, you can save 50% or more off of what other competitors charge! Further special discounts for students and non-profit organizations!

Check out some of the services that our nerds can do for you…

sales: We can help you select and build that dream computer. From the cost efficient to the most elaborate, talk to us about what you are wanting in a computer, and we can help!

repairs/installations: Having problems with your PC? Random freezing? Spyware? A virus? Computer slow? Just acting weird? Don’t even know? We can help diagnose what’s wrong with your computer, and help fix it!

training: Need help learning how to do something on a computer? We offer one-on-one and group training for many computer related topics. Click here to find more information on our training options…

networking: Are you like the normal family that has the five computers in the house, and trying to figure out how to hook everything up? We offer both wireless and wired networking to get everyone online. We can discuss your options, and help figure out which system would be best for yourself.

Macintosh: Having trouble finding someone who can help you with your Mac problem? Never fear, the nerds are here! We can help you!