Internet Radio/Podcasting Services

The internet has evolved into a place that serves people well beyond written words and pictures. We now have the opportunity to watch streaming video or listen to audio. Since the evolution of streaming audio, thousands of new radio stations have appeared that never could with traditional radio. Purple Zebra Services is here to help you get your new podcast or station up and running!

internet radio station services

With over 8 years of experience in internet radio, we know what we are doing. Check out the detour, our very own internet radio station. You will notice the website content is dynamic and automatically updated. The station is designed with mobility in mind, allowing DJ’s from all across the world get on the air using a simple, economical setup. The station also uses special automation software from Spacial Audio called SAM Broadcaster which provides a more interactive and self sufficient station.

Having problems with Shoutcast, SAM Broadcaster, Icecast, etc? we can help! Need help setting up a brand new station?

Knoxville, TN: 865-226-9879

Tri-Cities, TN/VA: 423-741-6969

AIM: dadetour

With a new or existing internet radio station, we can help you…

  • find appropriate hardware and software to get broadcast going.
  • setup and configure software and services for the new broadcast.
  • design and configure a new or existing website for your station (that displays songs, takes requests and dedications, etc.)
  • if required, assist you in making station legal so you can play licensed music.
  • help setup an automated and self-maintained station that meet your needs so you don’t have to worry about always having it staffed.
  • help you find content to fill your schedule up.
  • many many more…


With a new or existing podcast or radio show, we can help you…

  • Find appropriate hardware, software, and services to get podcast going.
  • Setup and configure software and services for the new podcast.
  • Design and configure a new or existing website for your podcast.
  • Help you to find music that can be played on your podcast legally.
  • Get your podcast listed on top directories so others find your podcast!
  • many many more…

Feel free to contact us to get started on getting your online radio station or podcast going!