Q: Why are your DJ’ing services so cheap??
A: We feel that DJ’s have become unaffordable to many people. Without entertainment, your event will be missing something. Unlike cover bands and karaoke, a DJ provides you with the original version of a song that everyone will know. We provide professional DJ’ing services at an affordable cost. We are passionate about music and love entertaining people. DJ’ing isn’t just a job to pay our bills…we do it because it’s fun and we have a good time doing it! We know you will too.

Q: Are you the same quality as DJ’s that charge thousands of dollars??
A: Yes, if not better! We have triple the amount of music most DJ’s have. We also have access to over three million songs! If for some strange reason we can’t find it, we will work with you to make sure we have it. We have a state-of-the-art DJ setup using an all digital music library. We have been DJ’ing events since 2005 and know what we are doing.

Q: How soon before my event should I book my DJ?
A: The best time is as soon as you have confirmed your date. Remember, you may only book up to 6 months in advance with Purple Zebra DJ’ing Services.

Q: Who selects the music for my event?
A: I always ask clients for a list of their favorite songs, bands and genres, and for a list of “must plays” and “do not plays.” I base the event’s music around your tastes, and requests from the guests, considering the age range of the guests and other factors which we can discuss in more detail. If you need help picking specific songs, I am more than happy to consult with you.

Q: Can you do the announcements at the event?
A: I am happy to do announcements at the event! My style is to do the announcements as we arrange beforehand, in a friendly, professional manner, and to get on the mic only when needed. I do not get on the microphone to plug my website, try to coax people into dancing, and I will never wear an inflatable flamingo hat and lead line dances. The day is about you, and your guests, having a good time and celebrating a happy event. My job is to maintain a smooth reception and to rock a successful party, not to draw attention to myself.

Q: Where should you set up your DJ equipment?
A: The best place is in front of the dance floor. It is best not to have any tables between the DJ and the dance floor, or the people sitting in between will probably be complaining all night. Remember, the further away the DJ is from the dance floor, the louder the music must be.
Please bear in mind that it takes about an hour to set up the equipment. Moving it from one room to another during the reception is usually not possible.

Q: Are we responsible for providing the DJ with a meal?
A: It is customary to provide your service providers with a meal. If you will not be providing them with a meal, it would be considerate to tell them in advance so they can make other arrangements. Remember, your service providers (DJ’s, photographers, videographers, etc) put in a long day and the only opportunity they will have to eat is at dinner.

Q: Should I tip the DJ?
A: It is customary to tip your DJ. However, whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Its a nice way of letting them know you think he did a good job. The amount of the tip is also up to you, but 15-20% is the average amount.

Q: What time to you arrive to set up? What do you require to setup?
A: I plan to arrive thirty minutes to one hour before the start time, in order to be set up and dressed when the event begins. Please bear in mind that some hotels and venues might require me to arrive even earlier in order to get into the space before guests arrive. This is important because that time must be considered when setting a start time. For example, if you want me to actually start playing music at 6pm, but I need to arrive and load in to the space at 4pm, the start time should be 5pm. Our setup requires a table (preferably a regular sized fold out table) and two chairs. The client is responsible for providing any linens for the table (to make sure it matches the decor).

Q: What equipment do you use?
I operate using an all digital music library of over 80,000+ songs. You are welcome to provide a digital copy of a song in advance to me. I am also able to play
-2 PA speakers with stands
-2 laptop computers (with backup)
-1 four channel mixer
-2 wireless microphones

Q: How can I get in touch to find out more about available dates and rates?
View our contact information by clicking here.